NOT TO … work with ultra fast fashion brands, unicorns, fossil fuel dinosaurs, hyper growth adepts or people who are delulu about the fact that 5% is ruining it for the other 95% on our planet.

Martiene Raven

Well, you get the gist. I am committed to work with companies who want to part of the change: a socially more just and sustainable economy. Where we not only try harder to leave no one behind and have more respect for the planet and her boundaries, but also act on it.

Martiene works as independent Brand Communications Strategist & Trend Analyst. As consultant and mentor she guides upcoming fashion designers and early stage Start-up founders, navigating through the key strategies of launching or building their business and brand.

Key to her work is connecting people and brands, fostering collaboration over competition. With a robust network of conscious entrepreneurs, brands and designers, she thrives on bringing about new connections and facilitating cross-industry collaborations. As creative pioneer and communication expert, Martiene continuously re-invents herself to deliver results that don’t just represent her aesthetic, but reflect any brand, campaign or product.


With a background in fashion illustration, concept development & design and trend forecasting, Martiene has led a diverse range of projects for companies, governments and institutions. Amongst which are Philips, Mast Jägermeister SE, OECD Paris, Botschaft des Königreichs der Niederlande and Leonardo Hotels.

In 2013, she began her search for sustainable fashion brands under the name Rabenmütter, spurred by a desire for an eco conscious yet chic wardrobe. This lead up to the founding of the raven collective in 2017, an online marketplace showcasing over 80+ brands & designers carefully selected for their sustainability ethos and style.

Transitioning into 2021, Martiene took on the role of Project Manager at The Do GmbH + H&M Beyond for the development and launch of the pioneering pilot venture for emerging designers: The SendUp.

Her trajectory led her to TOMO, a 1,000m2 Dutch sustainable department store, where she worked as Head of Brands & Communications from 2021 until July 2023, building up the 100+ brand portfolio covering fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

Over the last years, Martiene has curated various pop-up stores, showcasing emerging European brands & designers. End of 2023, she initiated the Good To Give Pop-Up Store in partnership with Brighter World in Rotterdam.


  • Panel Sustainability in Fashion 2023 | Modefabriek Amsterdam
  • Panel Sustainability in Retail 2023 | Circular Textile Days, Den Bosch
  • Keynote speaker Future Trends & Sustainability 2023 | Leonardo Hotel Group, Munich
  • Panel Nachhaltigkeit in der Textilindustrie 2022 | Verlag Der Tagesspiegel GmbH, Berlin
  • Member of the Jury Greenstyle MUC Fashion Award 2018, Munich
  • Keynote speaker Future Females 2018 | APX Axel Springer Porsche GmbH & Co, Berlin
  • Member of the Jury Design Wettbewerb 2018 | ABOUT YOU, Berlin
  • Panel Seminar Fashion Capitals & Industry 2017 | Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Member of the Jury Master Graduation Sustainability in Fashion 2017 | ESMOD Berlin
  • Keynote speaker @PANDA Women Leadership Contest 2016, The Factory, Berlin