Brand communication strategy

Is your brand communication aligned with your company’s mission and vision?


A strong and cohesive brand is crucial for any business. It gives your company a clear identity that people can trust and recognize.

Your brand’s voice, looks and narrative radiates your company’s values and mission throughout its entire identity.


A successful communication plan is like a roadmap, build upon your brand strategy. It has to consistently tell and show your company’s values, brand positioning and narrative.

This does not only include the (marketing) communication towards your (future) customers, but also towards your employees and stakeholders outside the company. So, who are you talking to, what do they need to hear and what are the best ways to do this and keep everybody involved along the way?


People do not expect brands to become perfect sustainable stewards overnight, yet they want to learn where you stand as a company.

Sustainability is trending, and that’s positive. However, the downside is that terms like vegan, eco, green, circular, recycled, and environmentally friendly are easily misused, leading to confusion among consumers. A.k.a. greenwashing.

How do you prevent conveying a false impression of your company’s environmental impact or benefits? How can these values be transformed into a resilient brand story and visual identity that does not mislead consumers, but also withstands the test of time and can be part of a regenerative economy that’s beneficial and realistic?

360° Approach

The 360° Approach is a coaching and mentoring program for entrepreneurs and early stage Start-up founders.

Based on your needs we’ll navigate through the key strategies to launch or build your brand, and create a blue print as foundation for a holistic, comprehensive & effective brand communication strategy for your company.

Effective brand communication is not hard. It just involves creating, managing and communicating your brand authentically.

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