Trends & Curation

Interested in learning which macro trends will shape the future in a sustainable way?


We can shift away from relying solely on trends to push hyper consumption, by changing the conversation how trends can be a force for the good.

Sustainability goes far beyond mere buzzwords. Underneath the current economical system paradigms are already shifting: reusing instead of reproducing, sharing instead of ownership, or the value of money.

Splitting your audiences by gender, age or generation falls short nowadays. As the world is in turmoil, today’s consumers are increasingly influenced by their cultural backgrounds, assumptions about life and political beliefs. In a world where diverse realities are prevalent, a sense of belonging is key.

How to decode these changes and adapt your brand in a way that’s both profitable and fair for everyone?

By decoding and analyzing the scopes of influence most relevant for your brand, we can gain clear insights within and beyond your own market. The key findings are presented in a keynote or whitepaper. A trustful base for your company to proceed on for the next years.


Sustainability has outgrown its niche in fashion. Following the footsteps of the early 00’s pioneers, many other sustainable clothing and accessory brands have entered the European market since. Prioritizing environmentally friendly materials, reusing, recycling & reducing production in a clever way. All done without compromising on style.

Fashion curation plays a crucial role in today’s retail. By decoding and predicting consumer tastes and preferences, fashion players can adapt and thrive in this ever-changing industry. Combined with an understanding of the brand landscape, we can create a strong portfolio of carefully selected collections and products, focusing on sustainability, and viability.