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Julia Kröner Venø, Founder & CEO OneNODE AS

Working with Martiene was a vital process for our clothing startup. Her 360* approach with the focus on sustainability enabled us to see connections and possibilities that were not clear before. Martiene is a brilliant resource to work with in a holistic manner to develop the right business strategy. Thank you so much.

Stefaan Le Clair, Berenike Global Fashion Management

Martiene is not only a communication specialist, but she also has a deep knowledge of sustainability in product and strategy.
I have been following her path in building businesses and we’ve been working on projects together. She is a valued companion and diligent deliverer of top-quality work.

Willem van Eeghen, Mast-Jägermeister SE

In trend reports for two of our emerging markets, Paris and Berlin, Martiene managed to show us very useful insights. A trustful base for our company to proceed on for the next years.